Meet the Band

If Mars Volta had binged on a volume of Beach Boys enriching hits then you are getting close to where Del Florida could be
— Craig MacDonald, GetIntoThis

Del Florida is the brainchild of Washington D.C. vocalist and multi instrumentalist, Leela Dawson. The group combine elements of neo-soul, progressive rock, dream pop & 80’s new wave, which UK blog GetIntoThis declares “The quartet can easily take you off into a dream-like state of mind with their blend of lush vocals and intrinsic riffs”. While cutting their first full length album, Del Florida have shared the stage with a variety of notable bands including Tops, Lawrence, Ripe, The Reign Of Kindo and Little Tybee. The band continues to use their multicolored sound to bring their audiences into a lucid dream-like state.


Leela Dawson
Lead Vocals / Keys / Guitar

Jake Ruth
Vocals / Guitar

Thomas Beall

Jordon Stanley